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Environment is everything. Where and who you choose to work with has a huge impact on your career, and in turn determines the service level your clients receive.


At Harcourts City Central, we are committed to finding and training the best people in all aspects of the real estate industry.


If you are about to begin your real estate journey, regardless of your ambitions (be it administration, property management, or sales) we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for the next stars to join our team.


If you are an established agent who is curious about our agency’s success, and believe our culture and support may assist your professional growth, then do not hesitate to get in touch to make the move. Life is too short to stay in an environment that may be holding you back!


For a confidential chat about taking your real estate career to the next level, please contact our Licensee/Director, Mark Hales, on 0415 915 967, or email: mark.hales@harcourts.com.au


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Staff Testimonials

Justine Newhill - Operations Manager

I absolutely love coming into work every day. Everyone in the office has such a great sense of humour which makes the day to day work stresses so much easier to deal with. Mark and Brian are great leaders, offering support where needed, and by listening and allowing ideas to be implemented into the business - it's not their way or the highway, which makes for an ideal work culture. Credit where credit deserved, they have created an amazing business and I would encourage anyone who has been, or is thinking about joining the real estate industry to get in touch... you will also love coming into work every day! 


Luke Kovacevic - Sales Assistant

As the newest member of the Harcourts City Central team, I was amazed at how quickly I felt at home in a new workplace. Every single person at the office comes in each day with the motivation to be their most, which is really easy to get caught up in and really pushes me to do my best as well. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can from Mark and Brian, and the whole team. I really feel like I’m beginning my real estate career at the best possible place.  

Tyla Dyer - Property Manager

Working with Mark and Brian has shown me what its truly like to have leaders who you can rely on for anything and everything, and makes coming into work easy.  They have a level of trust in their employees that is unrivalled and makes for a team that likes to work hard, but still has that atmosphere where we can all laugh and have fun. We’re all recognised and rewarded consistently for our efforts both individually, and as a team, and it truly makes for a great work culture where everyone feels appreciated and equal. It's amazing working for a company that values their employees, and this shows in the successful business that Mark and Brian have created. 

Zoe Grundy - Property Manager

Since the moment I met Mark and Brian they were friendly, approachable, great energy and was very obvious they have lots of passion for their company and how much they admire their employees. I knew from this moment I was making a great decision to be working for them. My first day I walked into their office and have never felt so welcomed so quickly. Within my first couple of weeks I felt like I had been there for years. The culture and atmosphere the directors have created for this office makes it exciting to come to work. The team at Harcourts City Central are an amazing group of people and I love working with them everyday. Mark and Brian have shown great leadership, support and I am really looking forward to see what the future holds for Harcourts City Central. 

Craig & Penny Brosnan - Sales Executives

It is a given in both the commercial world and indeed the realm of personal relationships, that the culture and ethos of an organisation or group originates from those whose responsibility it is to ensure the success and wellbeing of that group. The Directors of Harcourts City Central, Messrs Brian Lynn and Mark Hales, clearly take their responsibilities in this area very seriously. Their leadership qualities, willingness to listen and embrace new ideas, skill in their choice of team members and generosity of time to discuss situations and problems, all contribute to foster an excellent working environment, which encourages all involved to achieve their best. They have created an environment where all who are  involved are proud to be part of the organisation and an environment where it is indeed a pleasure to come to work.

Clinton Edwards - Sales Executive

Mark, Brian, and the Harcourts City Central team have always had a great reputation in the real estate industry. With a widely known agency culture of professional behaviour combined with fun and friendly attitude, it was always an easy decision to join the team. The sales support staff are amazing and have very impressive organisation, communication, and marketing skills that ensure everything goes smoothly. They work extremely hard and always shows a real willingness to go the extra mile. It is also reassuring to know that when I recommend my valued clients to the Harcourts City Central property managers, I am placing them in very competent hands. They take their duty of care seriously and always ensure the interests of the property owner are protected, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and confidence that retains the client as a future seller. I always, without hesitation, give Harcourts City Central my highest recommendation.